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Valgrande in Bibione
All excursions of the Bibione Palace Hotel
On horseback, mountain biking, kayaking. Discover all the excursions we organize in the fantastic natural area of Valgrande. Ask for information at the reception.
As of a few years, the Bibione Palace Hotel manages the Casone di Caccia of Valgrande (rooms and apartments immersed in the most authentic nature), and organizes excursions to the fantastic Valgrande for all hotel guests. Valgrande is a natural oasis, 350 hectares wide and is located a few kilometres from the centre of Bibione. Here you can find flowers and trees of great botanical interest (orchids, feathery fairy linen, primroses, and gentians), a great variety of nesting and migratory birds, some small mammals such as squirrels and several wild horses and fallow deer. The rarest species is the Hermann's tortoise, which finds its ideal habitat here.

Valgrande preserves the oldest trace of Bibione's history: the remains of internal and perimeter walls, and parts of interesting mosaics of a Roman maritime villa dating back to the 3rd century AD. The findings, brought to light in the 90s, tell of a millennial past. From here you climb on the Mottaron dei frati ,the highest point of the Valley (11 meters above sea level) which is also the maximum height in the entire Po valley.

In this naturalistic paradise, we at the Bibione Palace Hotel every week organize many beautiful excursions accompanied by our staff. Excursions on horseback, on mountain bike, in a horse-drawn carriage (ideal for children and is a lot of fun). In addition, taking advantage of the network of channels in the inner lagoon, we reach Valgrande also by kayak and by boat. Horseback riding is also suitable for non-experts. For a few hours you will forget that you are in a tourist resort famous for its beach and its sea!