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Sea in the Autumn
Foliage, Spa and walking along the seashore
We are open until 3rd November. We are expecting you for a weekend, for a feelgood holiday or simply for a massage in our Spa. Coming to the Bibione Palace is good for you even in the autumn and we will explain why in 4 points.
1 - Walking along the seashore
There is roughly 8km of beach at Bibione that makes you want to walk along it. The good news is that walking along the seashore is good for you at any time of the year. Even on mild autumn days (and there are lots of those at the moment) it is possible to reap the benefits that only the sea can offer. Apart from relaxing the body, it is said that walking by the sea also sharpens the mind, so if any of you need to make an important decision and are feeling a little confused, take a walk along the beach before you do anything else.

2 - Seeing the foliage 
It's the phenomenom that changes the falling leaves of deciduous trees yellow, orange and red.
It's a breathtaking sight of nature that between October and the beginning of November paints the woods and gardens. Bibione, rich in trees and nature spots, becomes particularly beautiful. It is a well-known fact that seeing these places in the open-air invigorates the spirit and combats stress. With your very own leaf map at hand, you can discover all there is to see; the pine trees of the faro (lighthouse), Lino delle fate eco-resort and above all Valgrande: A fact that is known in the United States and especially in Canada, where weather forecasts - and even some daily newspapers- publish where to go for the weekend in order to find the best "shows".

3 - Eating good food
An advantage of a holiday is to let yourself be spoilt at mealtimes. It is much better to stay at a hotel that has its own select and welcoming restaurant, able to suggest food that is fresh and wholesome, with original recipes and "local"dishes. In the kitchen originality and good ideas are very important but even more is the attention that is given to the freshness of the ingredients and to the care that is taken to prepare the dishes. At the Bibione Palace you will find 2 restaurants, a self-service one and the other a-la-carte, that are able to satisfy everybody. And if we really want to talk about our speciality then we have to mention our famous breakfasts which we have already dicusssed at length (read here "Why breakfast is so important at the Bibione Palace")

4 - Relax at the spa
Relax in the sauna or the pool, enjoy a Turkish bath and an invigorating massage, they are health and beauty treatments that always fortify body and mind, and not only in the summer. The SKY SPA offers specially designed wellness treatments, that unite the hot steam of the Turkish bath to that of the saunas (bio sauna and Finnish sauna), chromatic showers, a benficial saline tank and Kneipp treatment. All this is offered alongside face and body treatments, massages and scrubs, beauty treatments and different types of massage using Clarins Spa products. Why don't you try them? (Read "Hotel with Spa at Bibione")

Happiness is giving yourself or someone else a weekend in Bibione in the autumn, a wonderful season full of opportunities!