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Short Stay: holiday packages at special prices
Starting from April 19, 2018
Short Stay is the SPECIAL HOLIDAY PACKAGE from April 19th to May 9th 2018 and then from September 16th to September 30th 2018. Starting from 375 euros you can take a few days of super rest, let yourself be pampered and enjoy the sun and the sea and the best of a spring holiday in the splendid 4-star hotel in Bibione.
The best time to enjoy the first sun of May, breathe the beneficial sea air and maybe take the first dives into the sea, is to book the Short Stay of the Bibione Palace Hotel.
Our Short Stay includes a 3-night stay (from Thursday to Sunday) or 4 nights (from Sunday to Thursday) with half board. The offer includes the special rich international breakfast of the Bibione Palace Hotel, even richer and more natural, among which the delicious homemade pastries stand out. Dinner is à-la-carte, with a large buffet of appetizers, desserts and side dishes, special vegan and vegetarian menus and a new range of culinary offers. Children will have dedicated menus: simple and tasty dishes, good to eat and beautiful to see!

It will be simple to take advantage of the pleasant climate of May, when winter is now a distant memory. In Bibione nature is not lacking, the flowers bloom and you can smell spring. The mild temperatures tempt you to spend more time outdoors, so you can enjoy walks, accompanied by our guide, with Nordic walking poles on the beach or towards the lighthouse of Bibione, where nature is pristine.

For those who choose the Short Stay, the use of the C (h)ocolate Wellness Center is free: heated swimming pool, hydro massage, sauna and Turkish bath, all with a splendid view of the sea! It will also be an opportunity to try the new and exclusive BLU MEDITERRANEO face and body treatments of ‘Acqua di Parma’ from the regenerating and anti-age Italian Resort line.

If you feel the need to take a few days off, take advantage of the Bibione Palace Hotel Short Stay vacation packages at special prices. Specials with everything except in the quality.