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Re-starting from nature
Who hasn't dreamed of going for a walk amongst nature during lockdown?
Safe walks but also outings in a kayak and bike rides to enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature. Valgrande is an area to explore, where you can holiday safely. 
We held our breath for seven weeks while we waited to find out about the decisions concerning our movement and each extra metre granted seemed like a conquest of freedom. We dreamed like never before to be able to go out even for a short walk: in the city for some, amongst nature for the luckier ones. Every metre of greenery gained was a metre of freedom. Because being in the open air is good for you and makes you happier. 

We discovered private gardens, then the parks close to home, the pine trees, the river banks and the hills. Now the time has come to respect social distances and avoid gatherings but with compliance we can resume our walks and runs. The green open spaces are now even more precious. 

Now we are all in search of parks, conservation areas and nature reserves where it's possible to walk socially distanced and enjoy all the benefits of nature. Bibione has an incredible space: the Valgrande. It is unique because it is a protected nature reserve where man's footprint - which is present - exists in harmony and equilibrium with the environment. Visitors walk accompanied along the dirt paths on only a small part of the vast estate of 360 hectares, in order not to disturb the wild animals that live freely there. The paths can also be used by cyclists and horse riders. 

Our guests know that we offer weekly excursions and this year will be no different, as soon as it is possible to do so safely we will give more information. A walk in Valgrande is a real taste of freedom and apart from the excursions, in this wonderful corner of unexpected nature in Bibione, it is also possible to holiday there. (link) 

For further information on holidays here please ask at the hotel reception.