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Holidays with the kids?
Yes! In our Family Hotel
A seaside holiday with children of school age: a nightmare or bliss? You can’t wait to set off, but you’re afraid you won’t be able to relax. Just follow a few rules, starting by choosing the right hotel. Like the Bibione Palace Hotel.


A seaside holiday with young children: a nightmare or bliss? You can’t wait to spend some peaceful time with your children, free to disregard set times or rules; no shouting for the continual mess, no stress or acrobatics to fit in everyone’s timetable. But you’re wondering whether the holiday will really be a moment to relax for you as well. The fear of returning home more tired than before lurks behind the corner.


Perhaps you have a young child, who is no longer an infant but isn’t old enough to adventure alone, who wants to discover everything and is easily bored. How can you choose the perfect holiday with a child like that, small but not too small? Just follow a few rules. First, choose the right place. Take a family hotel, like the beautiful, friendly Bibione Palace, for instance, with easy access right on the sea front. And if it has swimming pools, organised activities, WiFi, PlayStations and Wii, so much the better.


The second rule is to make sure your hotel really takes the age of your children into account and has designed activities just for them. Because you have to admit, happy children mean happy parents. The Bibione Palace Hotel is a family hotel, selected for the range of facilities it offers its youngest guests. Mums and Dads can really enjoy their holiday, while entertainers and specialised staff organise cookery classes for mini chefs, sports tournaments, baby dances every evening at 9.00 p.m., and afternoon activities in the Mini and Junior Clubs for the children to enjoy.