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Fabulous breakfasts
The gourmet experiences begin in the morning
Homemade pastry, freshly squeezed juices, centrifuges and extracts of fresh fruit and vegetables made at the moment, honey and fruit at 0 km, express omelettes and pancakes. At the Bibione Palace Hotel a good morning can be seen right at sunrise.
The restaurant is a strong point of the Bibione Palace Hotel, starting from the breakfasts to which we reserve a great deal of attention. A little because we like to take care of our guests and a little because we think that the morning meal is a key moment to start the day well. Our tables are a feast of perfumes, colours and flavours and the tranquillity of the holiday will allow you to savour and enjoy everything.

Our irresistible pastry is home made. Cakes, pastries and biscuits are prepared by our bakers with the best ingredients. Omelettes and pancakes are prepared express, at the moment. Yogurt, cereals, jams, cold-cuts and cheeses are abundant and all of excellent quality. Fruit and vegetable baskets colour the tables and you can take them at will to prepare fresh citrus juices and delicious centrifuges with whatever you like. We use many organic and 0 km products, such as the delicious wildflower honey from Valgrande, the green area behind the beach.

Every day the fragrance of the freshly baked desserts is mixed with the scent of the fresh fruit and the aroma of Italian espresso, prepared with the best blends. There are also plenty of organic and celiac products.
With an appointment like this, it is impossible to not start your beach holiday in Bibione with a smile!