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Breakfast is one of the most pleasant moments when staying in a hotel. It’s good for your health and it helps you not to feel too much hungry until lunch time. A rich breakfast can really make your day. 
It’s not only a matter of health. When you are on holidays, breakfast is something you cannot skip, an important meal even if you are on a diet. Sweet or savoury breakfast? It depends on your taste and your habits. A sweet breakfast favours the production of serotonin, with an anti-stress effect. Yet, a lot of people prefer savoury food or cereals, rich in fibre and proteins. Most important is that you drink something, just after waking up, to hydrate and let your organism work again….after that, you can simply choose what you prefer. 
It’s very important you do not skip this meal. Even if, honestly, nobody in a hotel would skip breakfast! It’s better if you choose a hotel offering a varied breakfast buffet, with fresh and high-quality products, with the possibility of having fresh-squeezed juices, avoiding those in carton packaging, whole-milk or low-fat yoghurts, plain or with fruits, cereals, jams and a wide choice of organic products (honey, muesli, crackers, coffee) and for people with celiac disease. 

Tasting a fresh-prepared pancake is an absolute delight! At Bibione Palace Hotel, breakfast is from 7:30 am to 10:00 am. A real pleasure for your taste. If you prefer to sleep a little more, at the bar, you will find a mini buffet, open until midday. Don’t forget also our room service breakfast. We do not have a set menu, but we do provide a great variety: every day you can choose what you mostly like! Lose your senses in the aroma of espresso coffee, in the flavour of fresh bread, of homemade cakes, croissants, cheese and cold cuts.  

In the breakfast room, somebody arrive early and somebody later. You will find people chatting with their table neighbours, exchanging opinions with people attending the same aqua fitness courses or those who prefer to have breakfast quietly. What kind of breakfast do you like? Sweet or savoury? Do you prefer chatting or eating alone? At Bibione Palace Spa Hotel, you can completely relax; only make sure your eyes will not be bigger than your stomach.