Dog & pet friendly hotels in Italy

Bibione’s Pluto Beach is one of Italy’s best places to take a seaside holiday with your dog because of the attentiveness, quality services and excellent hospitality offered to tourists travelling with animals. Pluto Beach received the Best Dog Beach award in 2010 from the Ministry of Tourism and was the 2011 winner of the “Animal Friendly Tourist Facility” award.

You get to the beach on the east side of Bibione from via Procione and it’s open from 1st May to 30th September. Dogs have beds, leash tether, bowls and showers – all doggy-sized and strictly orange! – and a covered gated Agility course so they can stretch their legs in the shade.

Constant cleaning and friendly staff are guaranteed here. Owners are required to have dogs micro-chipped and bring compulsory vaccinations and anti-rabies shots records with them.

Every Thursday throughout the summer free agility courses and lessons on correct diet are held for clients, although there are plenty of other chances to have fun and the end of the bathing season concludes with a beach party!

Some of the events for Summer 2011:
3rd July – Second National Amateur Agility Competition on the beach;
15th August - “Miss and Mister Pluto Beach” beauty contest for dogs and owners;
18th September – the party with awards for the three most beautiful and original snapshots taken on the beach.

Dogs holidaying in Bibione with their owners just don’t have time to get bored.