Kayaking on the Bibione lagoon

The lagoon between Bibione and Caorle, with its tangled network of canals and natural vegetation is a charming and still unspoilt landscape, brimming with plant and animal species. It’s one of nature’s true treasures. All you need to do to discover these hidden marvels is to jump into a kayak, a small, ancient craft that will let you discover a stunning world as you glide silently through the canals and waterways surrounding Bibione. The kayak is one of the most ancient modes of transport and is environmentally friendly and safe. In Bibione you can kayak in total safety both on the open sea and in the lagoon. On windier days, you don’t have to stop kayaking; you can choose the safe, sheltered lagoon.

Bibione has ideal conditions for kayaking, perfect for people who want to paddle for hours on end, and for people who want to spend time drifting slowly along admiring the magnificent scenery. The lagoon is the habitat of several migrating bird species and the reeds growing at the side of the canals are home to genuine botanical rarities. The fauna, above all the birds, are of great interest, including the grey heron and purple heron, marsh harrier and bittern, not forgetting the seagulls of course. Finally, paddling out towards sunset, with every shade of colour tinged with red, the animals come out of their hiding places and flocks of birds soar across the sky in a truly breathtaking show.